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The following profiles include biographical information and pictures (whenever possible) of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, chaplain, and individual trustees of the All-American Cruizers Car Club.  If married, also included is pertinent information about each of the spouses.


Member Profile - Ron Wagner

Ron Wagner has held several officer roles in the All-American Cruizers Car Club, and is President Elect at this time.  Ron was the inspiration behind and, along with several of his close friends, founded the Cruisers in memory of his beloved wife Dee.  He has a love affair with all types of vehicles, especially hot rods.  Ron owns the ’34 Coupe that he built with Dee, a ’30 Coupe referred to as “Mary Kay,” and a “Police” S-10 pickup that you see at all the club’s sponsored events with its lights flashing.

Ron is a life-long resident of Mifflin County, having attended Kish High School, worked as a foreman/supervisor for Claster Lumber Company, and currently lives in Milroy, Pa. .  Ron, no matter the weather conditions, can be seen at nearly every cruise-in and car show in the local area.  In his limited free time Ron enjoys creating and painting rustic crafts, at which he is a true artist.  He has made numerous contributions of his completed works to the club raffle table and Chinese auctions, thus earning monies that are contributed to various charitable organizations.

Ron is a friend of many, a “do it for you guy” that is extremely proud of “his club” and especially the growth and involvement he has seen over the years.  Even if you do not own an antique or classic vehicle, but have an interest in them, he welcomes your attendance at events and better yet encourages you to join the Cruizer family.  Finally, Ron constantly reminds one and all (members or not) to visit the All-American Cruizers Car Club on the web at www.all-americancruizersinc.com or on its Facebook Page at All-American Cruizers Inc.



Member(s) Profile - Don and Sally Roberts

Having joined the car club in 2008, Don and Sally Roberts have become very active members of the All-American Cruizers.  Don currently serves as the club vice-president, maintains the Cruizers’ Facebook Page, and helps manage the club’s website.  The couple resides in Thompsontown, Juniata County, along with “their babies” -- that is, their antique and classic vehicles and a tiger cat named Shebe.  Don grew up working on and racing automobiles and motorcycles with his father, and Sally naturally became interested in cars and trucks shortly after their meeting.  Don and Sally currently own 3 Corvettes (1967, 1975 , 2003), along with a 1939 Plymouth Pickup, a 1970 Chevelle SS 396, and several newer, classic vehicles including a 2003 Chevrolet SSR, a 2005 Mini Cooper S,  a 2008 Miata MX-5, and a 2010 Mopar 10.

Don and Sally met in graduate school at Penn State where Don earned his doctorate and Sally her Master’s Degree.  They were married in March, 1991 while flying in a hot air balloon over Lake Tahoe.  Dr. Don, as he was affectionately called by his students, is a retired public school science teacher and administrator from Bellefonte.  Don also taught various undergraduate and graduate classes at The Pennsylvania State and Bucknell Universities.  Sally, a retired math teacher from Greenwood Area School District in Millerstown, also taught college courses at Penn State and HACC.

Don and Sally, in the past enjoyed taking lengthy vacations both in the United States and abroad, but in recent years have limited their travel to shorter day/overnight trips and cruising in their vehicles.  Don, ever since taking aeronautics classes in high school, has had an interest in airplanes and was active in several flying clubs piloting Piper and Cessna aircraft.  He enjoys the outdoors, hiking, hunting and fishing, whereas Sally likes working with plants, doing crafts and working puzzles.  Both enjoy shopping for and collecting various antiques. They are avid Pittsburgh Steelers and Penn State football fans and attend most Nittany Lion men’s and women’s basketball games on the University Park Campus.  

Don and Sally both state that they have thoroughly enjoyed their experiences with the Cruizers, especially making new friends while participating in the club’s social functions, car shows, and cruise-ins.  They are pleased and proud to be members of such a nice, friendly group of individuals who have a genuine interest in cars and trucks.



Member Profile - Christine English

Christine Yoder English is a very active member of the All-American Cruizers Car Club, having become a member shortly after its incorporation as a non-profit organization.  Chris has served in the capacity of Treasurer Elect for a number of years and continues to do an excellent job in that capacity.  She is extremely committed to the club, donating much of her time, not to mention her own financial resources as well, to ensure its success.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Chris in person, she is one of the voices on your answering machine, calling to inform you of an upcoming event, whether it is car show, cruise-in, or some other event such as a fundraiser or club picnic.

Chris is a life-time resident of Mifflin County, having attended Lewistown Area High School.  She currently lives in Lewistown and worked at the True Temper Corporation prior to its moving all operations to Carlisle.  Chris is known as a very hard worker, tending diligently to the duties of Treasurer of the Cruizers and still finds the necessary time and energy to raise her son.

Chris attends all of the club meetings, fund raising events, and picnics and can be seen driving her 2003 Mazda Miata to the car shows and cruise-ins.  She is an extremely social young lady and one of the reasons why the club membership has grown over her tenure as treasurer.  She encourages one and all to either become a member, or if not current, contact her regarding membership.  Information and/or “contacts” can be obtained by visiting the web at www.all-americancruizersinc.com.



Member Profile - Brent Miller

Brent Miller joined the All-American Cruizers Car Club in 2010, the day after purchasing what he called his “Dream Car.”  That collector vehicle was a 1966 Chevrolet Corvair Monza convertible, which he owns to this day.  Ever since he was a teenager, Brent dreamed of owning a Corvair and was extremely proud the day he made the purchase and brought the car home. He also owns a 2011 Kia Optima, his daily driver. 

Brent is originally from Allensville, but has worked in Juniata County and the surrounding area for years, having developed friendships with many of the club members in Mifflin, Juniata, and Perry Counties. As a Cruizer, he participates in a number of club events each year and currently serves as Club Chaplain. 

Brent is a 2005 graduate of Juniata College, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics, and is currently employed by the Juniata Valley Bank as their Compliance Officer.  He says that being a member of the All-American Cruisers Car Club presents an opportunity to socialize with a great group of automotive enthusiasts who enjoy spending time with one another.  He also appreciates the positive influence that the club has in the community, citing the collection of imperishable goods and donations of money which is contributed directly to our local food pantries.  Brent believes that it to be a great way for us to share the blessings that come from the Lord.  Brent’s other interests span from collecting antiques, specifically record albums, to local wines.

Brent appreciates the new friendships that have developed as a result of his membership in the club and looks forward to meeting/seeing each one of you at the next All-American Cruizers event.



Member Profile - Donald S. Eagler

Don Eagler, more often called by his nickname Butch, has been a member of the All-American Cruizers Car Club for several years.  Held in high regards by his friends and fellow Cruizers, he was elected to, and presently holds, the position of club Trustee.

Don, or rather Butch, is a life-long resident of Juniata County and he, along with his wife Kay and their pet cat Mollie live on Evergreen Street in Thompsontown.


Butch and Kay met while they were enrolled in high school at East Juniata, but did not begin dating until after graduation.  The couple became husband and wife on July 7, 1963.  They have two daughters, Ann and Kris, as well as two granddaughters, Callie and Marin, of which they are extremely proud.

While in high school Butch worked at S&S Chevrolet where his love affair with cars, especially Corvettes, began.  It is interesting to note that Kay also had an affinity for cars, especially sports cars, having owned an Austin Healey 3000.  Butch, in 1966, obtained a job with the telephone company as a central office installer and retired 35 years later as a field engineer with Luent Technologies.  He continues to work part-time for the Thompsontown Municipal Authority. 

Their granddaughters are active in a number of events, including several sports, so it is no wonder that Butch and Kay enjoy attending their games.  Butch very much enjoys attending the monthly club meetings and especially the social get-togethers before and after.  Both he and Kay value their All-American Cruizers friends, and can be seen driving their 1997 Corvette coupe to most of the local car shows, cruise-ins, fund raising events, and picnics sponsored by the club.



Member Profile - Richard Royer

Richard Royer, more commonly referred to as “Skip,” is a young man in his fifties.  Skip is a graduate of Chief Logan High School and currently works for the Mifflin County Housing Authority.  He and his wife Gail are life-long residents of Lewistown, Pa. and enjoy living in the central Pennsylvania region.  Skip owns a variety of vehicles but is most often seen driving his 1991 Jeep Wrangler or riding his 2005 Suzuki Boulevard motorcycle.

Skip prides himself as being one of the original founders of the All-American Cruizers Car Club.  Skip indicates that, when he was first became involved in starting this club, the purpose was to honor the memory of a good friend's wife, Dee Wagner. Another goal was to facilitate camaraderie amongst individuals in the local area.  Individuals came together to share their common interest in vehicles of all types, and especially to show the extent of work necessary and the amount of time people need to put into their vehicles.  

Skip is not only a member of the All-American Cruizers, serving for years as one of the club’s Trustees, but is active in other clubs (e.g., Touring Friends Motorcycle Club and the Seven Mts. Jeep Club) and organizations as well.  He is one who strives to serve the local community by coordinating activities among those clubs, in an attempt to raise monies that benefit a number of non-profit, social organizations in the area. To that end, Skip is a valuable asset to the Cruizers and the local community at large.



Member Profile - Kurt Stewart

Kurt Stewart became a member of the All-American Cruizers Car Club shortly after its inception and currently serves as one of the club’s Trustees.  Kurt and his wife Judy reside in Lewistown, along with a huge Main Coon catby the name of Deuce, their so-called “Gentle Giant.” It only seems appropriate that they own an American icon, a 2004 Corvette coupe, especially since the very first one came off the assembly line in Detroit on Judy’s one-year birthday.  They continue to look for another Vette to add to their collection.

Kurt and Judy have been married for only 7 years, but have been together for what seems like an eternity (little slow on the uptake). Judy was born in Western PA, attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and lived in Alaska for several years, prior to returning to central Pennsylvania in 1992. She is a Graphic Designer for Rite Aid: yep, she creates the junk mail we receive. Kurt was born and raised in the vicinity of Lewistown and graduated from Shippensburg University. He formerly was a furniture for salesman for both Wolf’s and  Heilig Meyers Furniture Stores. He is now a Marketing Rep for UGI, but plans on is retiring the end of the month (January, 2014), and looks forward to some much deserved rest and relaxation.

Kurt and Judy enjoy travelling and have made several trips to Alaska. FYI, Judy is for hire as your personal tour guide, if you ever wish to visit the “Last Frontier” of the United States – that is, for a small fee of course. The couple are sports enthusiasts and huge Pittsburgh Steeler and Penn State football fans.

Kurt thoroughly enjoys belonging to the All-American Cruizers and both he and Judy indicate that meeting new friends has been most rewarding and they look forward to attending many more functions with the club.



Member Profile - John Vasger

John Vasger, more commonly called “Big John,” is a very outgoing and friendly person.  He was born in Germany and has, along with his parents, lived in numerous locations before making Mifflin County his permanent home.  John has one son and lives in the Lewistown Area.  John has owned a variety of vehicles since he learned to drive, but fondly remembers his first car, a 1969 Camaro.  You cannot miss Big John driving in his current vehicle, a yellow 2006 PT Cruiser, Route 66 edition, he calls “Tweety Bird.”

John is proud to say that he is one of the founding members of the All-American Cruizers Car Club and also a member of the Touring Friends Motorcycle Club.  He is experienced in detailing and decorating cars and trucks, and that is why he continues his hobby of building models.  John also enjoys bowling and playing golf, making trips to Hollywood Casino and, of course, winning money.

Even though John has made trips to the beach for national car and bike shows, he enjoys the local cruise-ins, car shows, and other local events hosted by the car club.  He seldom misses a club meeting and his valued input is greatly appreciated.



Member Profile - Tim Drake

Tim Drake has been a member of the All-American Cruizers Car Club for several years and, just this past year, was elected to one of the Trustee positions.  Tim is quite active, not only in our organization, but in others as well, and has even helped organize various other clubs in the area.  He most notably belongs to the Mid-State Mopar Club, Country Boy Customs group, and is the self proclaimed co-founder and leader of the Keystone State Muscle Car Group.  Tim’s interests vary widely and include cars, trucks, dogs and computers.  He states that the order of those interests is determined by the seasons of the year but family, of course, comes first.  

Tim can be seen at many car shows and cruise-ins driving one of two vehicles.  He is the proud owner of a 2007 Dodge Dakota R/T that has made appearances and took 1st place trophies at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals Invitational and the Carlisle Truck Nationals Invitational, and was on display at the Best of Carlisle, Bloomsburg  Nationals’ inaugural  event in 2012.   Tim also owns a 1973 Dodge Dart, Sport 340, which was only recently completed in 2013.  He showed it at the at the Chrysler Nationals, taking 2nd place, and is proud to say that it also garnered Best of Show, Best Paint, and several 1st place awards during its first year on the car show circuit.

Tim’s interest in cars and clubs goes clear back to before he acquired a driver’s license.  As a teenager, he ran with some older guys, guys that had really nice cars.  They tried, without success at that time, to form a club for owners of hot rods and muscle cars.  Unfortunately life got in the way and most of those guys ended up in shotgun weddings or with families, thus changing their focus. 

Tim attended the Lewistown campus of Penn Highlands High School, graduated from Lincoln Technical Institute with certificates in automotive and diesel repair, and later graduated summa cum laude from Thompson Institute with a certificate in computer service technology. Tim is married and lives in Lewistown. He is a retired electronics and copier technician, but continues to work part time on computers in need of repair.



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